Mental Health issues related to Childbirth

Mental health issues related to childbirth Perinatal mental health encompasses a wide variety of issues. Every woman who gives birth has a different experience, and it is important to take into account the specific experiences of all women. One thing that is fairly frequent however is the fact that many women struggling with their mental health is the fact that they are afraid to speak out. They are afraid to be perceived as bad parents, or that their baby will be taken away. We must make sure that women have access to safe environments where they can speak about their issues free of judgement.   Continue reading

Social reforms including maternity leave: who benefits?

Social reforms including maternity leave: who benefits? General remarks: Accession as a supporter of peace When dealing with Western Balkan countries, we should bear in mind that they are still in the process of recovering from a devastating war. As a peace campaigner and a women’s rights advocate, I would like to underline the crucial role women should play in the process of building peaceful society in these countries. As far as the accession process is concerned, I don’t think it can be dealt with separately from the peace process. The European Union is a project of peace and accession to it is not only an economic strategy - it is primarily a commitment to peace, and a commitment to discuss with our neighbours rather than fighting them. Western Balkans societies are still recovering from war, and the accession process should help them build a more solid and lasting peace. Continue reading

Message to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

I am Julie Ward, a British Member of the European Parliament. Unfortunately I cannot make it to the celebration of the 10 years of “Peace Building by Women for Women and for all”, as I need to be here in Brussels for an event with young people. I would like to congratulate Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom for their very important work in DRC. The world needs initiatives such as this, which puts gender sensitivity at the heart of security issues. Continue reading

Zero Tolerance on FGM

Hibo Wardere is a Somalia-born British woman. Aged 6 years old she was subjected to type 3 FGM, the most extreme form of cutting.  Fahma Mohamed is a Bristol teenager who together with her friends and teacher famously worked with Integrate UK to take a stance against FGM by singing and rapping. Continue reading

Women, Gender Equality and Climate Justice

Women, gender equality and climate justice As a feminist, I am very happy about this report that underlines the gender aspects of climate change and encourages the Commission and the Member States to take them into account. Continue reading

Fight against trafficking of women and girls for sexual and labour exploitation in the EU Commission

Fight against trafficking of women and girls for sexual and labour exploitation in the EU Commission The rise in reports of trafficking in human beings is a matter of extreme concern, especially for feminists. As we know, women are far more likely to fall victims of trafficking, particularly for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Continue reading

Women Human Rights Defenders

Women and LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders play an essential role for our communities. As the leaders in environmental, climate and gender issues, their safety and well-being should be one of the EU’s priorities. Continue reading

El Salvador Miscarriages

The prosecution of women because of their miscarriages and stillbirths is one of the most disgusting forms male domination takes worldwide. Blaming women for something that happens to their body without them having any control over is a horrific way to deny them of their humanity. Sentencing them to 30 years long prison sentences adds overwhelming amounts of pain to the already dreadful mental distress often caused by the miscarriage itself. Continue reading

Combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU

Commission statement - Combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU As a lot of us here, I was shocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. I was shocked by the violence of the stories told by the victims, but I was not surprised. Some people have said they were surprised by the number of victims who then spoke out online with the MeToo hashtag, but I was not. All women and girls have been victims of sexual harassment or assault at some point in their lives. Continue reading

Ending Sterilisation of Women and Girls with Disabilities

Welcoming words I am appalled by the fact that forced sterilisation of women and girls continues to happen and that we need to hold this hearing today. Continue reading