Women Human Rights Defenders

Women and LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders play an essential role for our communities. As the leaders in environmental, climate and gender issues, their safety and well-being should be one of the EU’s priorities.

Women human rights defenders face gender-specific threats and obstacles, and need to be protected accordingly. The multiplication of feminicides against women human right defenders in the last few years has been a devastating example of the need for safety measures to protect them.

  1. In Iran the women human rights defender Atena Daemi has been in prison for years for her work on women and children's rights. On January 24th, Atena and her colleage Golrokh Iraeewere beaten in prison and trasferred. They have gone on hunger strike to protest their treatment. We stand in solidarity wit them here, and call for their immediate release.
  2. The women's rights defender, Mansoureh Behkish could spend eleven and a half years in prison for her work with mothers of imprisoned or executed people. After years of harassment and imprisonment she now faces a heavier sentence. The EU and all Member States must push for these women to be set free.

The EU should also take into account the obstacles faced by trans and queer human rights defenders, as they often face the same threats as women but they are not visible in our policies and our discourses. The safety of trans people in general is an issue that is not addressed, despite the alarming rates of attacks and murders against trans people.