We Won! - Lancashire Labour Secure Crisis Fund for Needy

Lancashire Labour launched a petition to save the threatened £3m Lancashire Crisis Fund for Lancashire's needy - and won. Although the Fund was saved it is still down 50% on last year. The fund helps out those in need of food, bedding, emergency transport and more. 

Deputy Leader of Lancashire County Council, David Borrow, said; Together we have led a vigorous campaign to save welfare assistance funding for Lancashire and in the face of overwhelming opposition the Government has been forced to change its mind and relent on plans to abolish vital funds to support some of the most vulnerable residents in our County.

We are extremely grateful to the people of Lancashire for throwing their support behind our campaign. We have proved that with enough support, working together with charities and local authorities right across the UK, we can make a real difference even when the odds are stacked against us. Lancashire spoke with one voice and the result has been a dedicated £1.5 million for those who need it most. We still have  a long way to go but after five years of Tory-led Government  we have to be grateful even for small mercies.

Those supporting the people of Lancashire with the successful petition included Julie Ward MEP who made the following comments in support of the petition; As MEP for the NW region I have responsibility for constituents in Lancashire. I am a member of the Women’s Committee and the Disability Inter-group and I co-founded the parliament’s Intergroup on Children’s Rights. I am also on the Labour Party’s Policy Commission for Children and Education. I have spent all my working life working with and supporting marginalised communities and know first-hand the challenges facing people who through no fault of their own find themselves in unexpected crisis. As a relatively rich developed country we need to demonstrate our capacity for compassion by ensuring a safety net for our fellow citizens such as the Care and Urgent Needs Fund. The current global economic crisis and the policy of austerity is having a disproportionate effect on vulnerable people. I abhor the government’s threatened cut and oppose the austerity measures which affect many of the local authorities in my region, exacerbating the crisis and punishing the poor.

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