No more "us and them": Dialogue and diversity for a stronger future

The 'Ward report' adopted by the European Parliament on January 19th  Watch Julie's message following the adoption of the report here: This week the work by Julie, outlining how to tackle racism and discrimination to promote more open and inclusive societies was adopted in the European Parliament. First initiated after the Charlie Hebdo and Danish attacks, the 'Ward Report' focuses on the importance of dialogue between different cultures, cultural diversity and education as a way to strengthen society. The report builds on the Paris Declaration, an agreement reached by Education Ministers across the EU after the Paris attacks. This agreement recognises that all of Europe needs to work together in order to prevent and tackle marginalisation, intolerance, racism and extremism, and to achieve equal opportunities for all. Continue reading

The "WARD report" on the role of intercultural dialogue and education adopted in the Culture & Education committee

Today (Monday 7 December), the CULT committee adopted the report on "the role of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education in promoting EU fundamental values" for which Julie is rapporteur.  Continue reading