The "WARD report" on the role of intercultural dialogue and education adopted in the Culture & Education committee

POSTER_15092015_EN.jpgToday (Monday 7 December), the CULT committee adopted the report on "the role of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education in promoting EU fundamental values" for which Julie is rapporteur. 

This report is an attempt to build on the common agreement reached by the Education Ministers after Paris attacks that combined efforts are needed in order to prevent and tackle marginalisation, intolerance, racism and radicalisation, and also to preserve a framework of equal opportunities for all.

The report identifies opportunities along with challenges and makes concrete recommendations for action at all governmental levels as well as at EU level, including the increased use of culture in external actions and in the EU development agenda, recognising the unique role that culture, inclusive learning and active citizenship can play in building strong, confident, resilient and cohesive communities of the future.

The approach adopted by Julie when drafting the report was based on two principles:

- presenting a positive narrative, which recognises challenges and difficulties but more importantly highlights opportunities and presents intercultural dialogue and education as tools for more inclusive societies.

- opting for an integrated approach when addressing such a broad topic, not separating culture, education, youth and active citizenship into four different fields of action but building bridges and synergies between all those elements.

Julie welcomed the result of the vote and reminded her colleagues of the growing importance of this topic, with dramatic events such as the refugee crisis and the terrorist attacks in Paris having occurred since the report was first decided by the committee, underlining how, more than ever, Europe must tackle these common challenges and promote its fundamental values.

The report is now expected to be adopted by all MEPs during the plenary session in January.