The Power of Culture and the Arts: Europe as a Culture Project

alliance_logo.pngEuropean and international Culture networks* has joined forces to set up the '2030 Alliance for Culture and the Arts' and launched an appeal entitled "The Power of Culture and the Arts".

The appeal is urging policy makers to re-think the European approach and include culture and the arts in the long-term strategic goals of the European project. By doing so, the EU acknowledges their essential role in the development of European societies. Learn more about the Alliance and read the appeal here


The appeal is built around 3 pillars:

1. Europe as a distinct cultural Union

While the political and economic entity of the European Union is widely seen, the societal connection seems to be missing. Culture and the arts have the ability to enable connections to and understanding of identity, cultural heritage and shared history. At the same time "culture and the arts are the essential drivers of creation and appropriation of meaning." Following this line of thought they are vital for the response to cultural, social, economic and religious tensions existing inside societies, within the EU and outside European borders.

2. Culture and the arts, relevant for the quality of our life and the European project

"While global challenges intensify and have an impact on European societies, Europe needs to preserve its interlinked economic and social model and enrich it with cultural awareness."
Culture and the arts contribute to the goals of the Europe2020 strategy . They are essential for the European values, human rights, economic growth and regional and urban development, education, migration and social cohesion. Additionally, the influence to foster innovation, improve health and wellbeing, external relations and neighborhood policy as well as international cooperation and development has been proven and widely acknowledged.

3. Culture and the arts to be at the heart of EU policies

The urgency for Europe to put culture and the arts at the heart of European policies is formulated in this appeal. The signatories request that European institutions, namely the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, and policy makers in all Member States ensure the following:

  • taking culture and the arts into account in all areas of policy making
  • protection of culture and the arts in the EU's strategic goals and overall political priorities and action plans
  • the Commission checks the cultural impact of its policy and regulatory proposals, alongside the economic and social impact
  • the EU promotes European culture and arts outside the Union and fosters not only political and economic but also cultural relations with neighbouring and other countries
  • the EU acts as guarantor for fundamental rights including the freedom of expression, creation and programming
  • cultural policies of the Member States are supported by the EU through adequate programmes which truly address the needs of the cultural sectors
  • future-proofed cultural policies  are developed at EU and Member State level

* The following organisations currently composed of the Alliance:

PEARLE - Live Performance Europe,
IETM international network for contemporary performing arts,
Culture Action Europe,
On the Move,
ECHO - European Concert Hall Organization,
European Festivals Association (EFA),
Trans Europe Halles,
RESEO - The European Network for Opera & Dance Education,
REMA - Réseau européen de Musique Ancienne,
NE-MO - Network of European Museum Organisations,
FACE - Fresh Arts Coalition Europe,
LIKE -European Cities and Regions for Culture,
European Theatre Convention,
European Music Council,
ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts,
EILA- International Association of Violin and Bow Makers,
European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

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