The Intergroup on Children's Rights stands united to support ECHO/UNICEF #EmergencyLessons Campaign

emergencylessonsgroup.jpgThe Intergroup on Children's Rights strongly believes in the importance of education as a means of empowering young people! Education is key to avoid to create a lost generation for hundreds of thousands of children and young people living now in an emergency situation!


These picture will be shared in the following days directly from the official UNICEF-EU twitter account.

From May till December 2016, these stories are being introduced to high-school students from Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the UK. Teachers are encouraged to develop classroom and other activities to drive the message home.
Members of the European Parliament who would like to support the campaign are invited to:
- Share their personal school photo on social media, along with a message of solidarity, using the hashtag #EmergencyLessons. President Juncker and Commissioners Ansip, Georgieva, Hahn, and Stylianides are among the big names who have already tweeted their photos;











 You will find all the latest updates on the campaign at this address:

Join the final event at the European Parliament on December 6th