Strasbourg Roundup, 9th - 12th May

A roundup of key votes from last week's voting session in Strasbourg, 9th - 12th May.

Labour MEPs back tough EU action on tax dodging:

  • Labour MEPs have voted for greater corporate transparency and tougher action on tax dodging.
  • Labour MEPs believe public country-by-country reporting - whereby companies report exactly where they make their money and where they pay their taxes - is vital in the fight against tax avoidance and tax evasion, even more so in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.
  • Tory MEPs, however, voted against the proposals for public country-by-country reporting.
  • Labour MEPs have been leading European Parliament action on the fight against tax dodging - just last month the European Commission adopted proposals from a Labour report on tax avoidance.


Labour MEPs tell China: Stop dumping cheap steel if you want full Market Economy Status:

  • Labour MEPs have voted for a resolution calling on the European Commission and EU ministers to block full Market Economy Status for China unless it stops dumping cheap steel on to the market.
  • The dumping of cheap Chinese steel - selling it at below the price it can fetch at home, or exporting it at below the cost of production - is threatening the future of Europe's steel industry, with plants across Britain under threat.
  • Labour MEPs are also pushing for the EU to modernise its trade defence measures and use all the tools at its disposal to protect European industries against dumping and other harmful trade practices.
  • Labour MEPs have long been calling for action to ensure China complies with the rules, enabling our industries to compete on a level playing field.


MEPs back Labour calls for country of original labelling for all meat and dairy products:

  • The European Parliament has voted for Labour calls for all meat and dairy products to be labelled with their country of origin.
  • Under EU rules, it is already mandatory to label most fresh meat with the country of origin - Labour MEPs have long been calling for this to be extended to processed meat, milk and dairy products.
  • Labour MEPs believe consumers have a right to know where their food comes from and are calling for clear, honest labelling to enable consumers to make informed choices without being misled.
  • The proposals have broad support in the UK, including from consumer group Which?; the Women's Institute; and the National Farmers' Union.


Labour MEPs vote for greater EU crime-fighting cooperation:

  • Labour MEPs have voted to strengthen Europol, the EU police agency. The proposals will enable further EU-level cooperation among law-enforcement authorities, aiding the fight against cross-border crime and terrorism.
  • Labour MEPs believe Europol demonstrates the clear benefits of European cooperation in helping national governments to effectively target cross-border crime and combat terrorism, and that the new regulations will strengthen the agency, which has a proven track record in dealing with crime and terrorism.


Labour MEPs vote for report calling for more family friendly policies:

  • Labour MEPs have voted for a report calling for national governments to adopt more family friendly policies and to fully implement the parental leave directive.
  • The report - which Conservative MEPs voted against - seeks to modernise parental leave provisions throughout the European Union, and calls on EU countries to introduce high-quality, accessible childcare facilities.