Statement on the events in Israel and Palestine of 14 May 2017

In December 2017, President Trump took the regrettable decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. In line with the statement by the EU High Representative, Julie has repeatedly stated her deepest concern regarding  this announcement, and warned of the risks to people living in both Israel and Palestine, as well as a general destabilising effect across the Middle East. The consequences are here now - already more than 50 dead, including children, and 2400 wounded in the protests held parallel to the inauguration of the American embassy in Jerusalem.

In reaction to these events, Julie said:

As a peace and human rights campaigner, I am appalled to see the violence that the Israeli state has used in its response to the peaceful protests in Gaza.

 The population in Gaza has suffered severe and systematic human rights violations since the beginning of the blockade, more than 10 years ago. The situation is becoming unbearable for civilians, and it is absolutely crucial to find an urgent solution.

 I hope the European Union and its Members States will firmly condemn the use of lethal force against peaceful protesters by Israeli authorities, which is against international law.”

 Julie will continue to call on the European Union to take a strong leadership position in diplomatic efforts to build a genuine peace process. This is needed now more than ever to counter-balance in response to the United States’ harmful policy.

She will also continue to call out the dangerous direction the Israeli government has taken by hardening its policy towards Palestinians and attempting to shut down civil society in Israel and worldwide.

 In the past, Julie has cooperated with many organisations working for dialogue and peace in Israel and Palestine, particularly The Parents Circle who recently gave a speaking tour in the UK, visiting the Stenecourt Synagogue in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, in her North West England constituency.