Speech on the World Humanitarian Summit

On 10th May 2016, Julie spoke on the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit, outlining the position of the EU as the world's biggest donor of humanitarian aid and how important it is for the UK to stay in the EU.




"The World Humanitarian Summit aims to reshape the global approach to humanitarian aid and as the world’s biggest donor of aid, the EU will be there at the top table. From a UK perspective, with a referendum on the horizon, we need to consider our position in the world, and I firmly believe that together with our European partners we can reshape the global agenda for the better. If we want to lead the international community towards a more compassionate and humane world, Britain must remain and work to make the EU stronger.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The EU must also hold true to its principles in all of its foreign policy, even when it is under pressure. As we deliver humanitarian aid to victims of war crimes we cannot then turn round and make quick-fix deals with regimes that commit such crimes. All of the EU’s agreements, including, for example, the Khartoum Process, must be consistent with our human rights values and humanitarian and development goals."