Speech on EU assistance to Jordan and Lebanon during the refugee crisis

On 10th May 2016, Julie spoke on the importance of EU assistance to Jordan and Lebanon, for post conflict peacebuilding and to empower women and girls, during the refugee crisis.




"I have just come back from a visit to Jordan, where I attended the recent Women in Parliaments Conference. As the EU has very rightfully provided the lion’s share of humanitarian aid to Jordan and Lebanon, we must be sure that the funding goes to empower women and girls in these communities so that they can take a lead in building up lives in harsh conditions and lay the ground for post—conflict peace building.

The No Lost Generation programme, aiming to provide education to more than half a million Syrian refugee children, is incredibly important. Education must aim to empower young women and girls socially, economically and politically, and address specific gender-based needs such as violence against women and girls.

Jordan has suffered economic losses because of the wars going on around it, with factories closed in the border region and many jobs being lost, yet still it has managed to welcome and house millions of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. The European Union and its national governments bear a grave moral responsibility to provide these refugees with shelter and protection. We must take an example from Jordan and Lebanon and follow suit."