The Ongoing Fight for Refugee Rights

This article was written for as a Huffington Post blog post before the murder of Jo Cox. Julie would like to dedicate this piece to Jo's memory, as a tireless campaigner for refugee rights, human rights, and social justice. As violence erupted at the Calais Jungle earlier this year and temporary homes were destroyed in a heavy handed police operation, it was pertinent to reconsider rights and responsibilities on all sides. Indeed does a refugee have rights? And if so what are they?  And if those rights are not being upheld what recourse to action does a refugee have?   Continue reading

Julie gives evidence to the Lords on the situation of unaccompanied minors in the EU

On Tuesday April 26th, Julie was invited to a Public hearing organised by the House of Lords on unaccompanied minors in the EU, following a written contribution she submitted to the inquiry on the topic. Continue reading

Tear-gassing of migrants at the Greek-Macedonian border highlights urgent need for organised and compassionate EU response, warn Labour MEPs

The clashes between Macedonian authorities and migrants highlight the urgent need for an organised and compassionate EU response to the refugee crisis, Labour MEPs have warned. Continue reading

Refugee crisis shows EU migration policy is not fit for purpose - a complete overhaul is needed

The European Parliament today backed the Kyenge report on a holistic approach to migration in the EU. The report outlines a strong progressive vision of what a new migration policy for Europe should look like. Continue reading

EU-Turkey deal: EU must learn from mistakes and ensure an organised and compassionate response to refugee crisis, warn Labour MEPs

With the controversial EU-Turkey migration deal coming into force today, Labour MEPs have warned that the European Union must learn from past mistakes and ensure an organised and compassionate response to the refugee crisis. Continue reading

Socialists and Democrats' position on migration and asylum

The EU is facing the most challenging refugee situation since the end of World War II. The current situation has to be seen in a broader context of violent conflict and destabilisation in other parts of the world. It is a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented magnitude that largely originates from conflicts and persecutions in Europe’s wider neighbourhood. The violent conflicts in Syria and Iraq or instability, oppression and poverty in Afghanistan parts of Africa have forced millions of women, men and children to flee their homeland in search of protection and a decent life. Continue reading

I condemn the destruction of Calais legal centre

I have visited the Calais Jungle Camp twice since December 2015, most recently on February 15 2016, when I was shown the Legal Centre. I have spoken with dozens of dispossessed people (including many women, children and unaccompanied minors) who have found themselves living in the camp, unable to move on to join family and friends in the UK, and with no desire to submit themselves to further trauma back in their war-torn countries or in other parts of continental Europe where too many of them have sadly been victims of violence and racism. Continue reading

Labour MEPs: EU-Turkey migrant deal must comply with international law and ensure humane treatment of refugees

Labour MEPs have vowed to thoroughly scrutinise the EU-Turkey deal on migration, announced today, to ensure it complies with international law, international asylum standards are met, and refugees are treated humanely. The deal, agreed today by EU leaders and the Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, proposes that Turkey is offered financial aid and political concessions in return for taking back all migrants travelling to Greece. The plan suggests that for every Syrian refugee sent back, another Syrian would be resettled in the EU directly from refugee camps in Turkey. Each person claiming asylum will be given a full hearing in Greece, EU leaders have assured, though human rights groups have expressed concern at the proposals. Continue reading

Facts and figures - Britain and the refugee crisis

What is the truth about Britain and the refugee crisis?   Continue reading

Q&A on welcoming child refugees to Britain

Can Britain afford to do more to help child refugees? Your questions and concerns are answered here.     Continue reading