Ratko Mladic Sentenced


Today, the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia sentenced Ratko Mladic in an historical ruling. The former Bosnian Serb army commander was convicted of war crimes and genocide and sentenced to life imprisonment more than 20 years after the Srebrenica massacre.

Julie, as board member of Remembering Srebrenica North West and member of the European Parliament Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, has been working on intercultural dialogue and peace in the Western Balkans for several years.

In 2015, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide, she met Bosnian women survivors and other women who stand with them in solidarity as they continue to bear witness to the terrible atrocities and try to rebuild their lives. 

Reacting to the long-awaited sentencing of Ratko Mladic, she said:

“I strongly welcome the verdict, it is very good news for the victims and for the Bosnian society in general.

I want to pay tribute to work and commitment of civil society and stand in solidarity with the survivors and victims’ organisations, including the Mothers of Srebrenica, whose incredible and tireless campaigning has allowed this verdict to happen.

There can be no peace or reconciliation without justice, and we must keep the fight in order to ensure that other criminals are judged too, in other BiH municipalities as well as other Balkans countries.

We must also work together to end genocide denial everywhere in the world. That what I am fighting for through my commitment in the Elie Wiesel Network of Parliamentarian*.

* The Elie Wiesel Network of Parliamentarians of Europe involved to prevent genocide and mass atrocities and to fight against genocide denial” was created by EGAM in 2016 as a response to the list of mass atrocities that continue to be perpetrated, the rise in genocide denial across our continent and a lack of a structured approach regarding their prevention.

 More info on: http://www.juliewardmep.eu/srebrenica_remembered