Pope Francis Promotes European Values at the Parliament in Strasbourg

Julie was particularly impressed with the Pontiff's emphasis on the importance of creativity and the nurturing power of education - an appreciation they both share.


Pope Francis praised the fact that "the promotion of human rights is central to the commitment of the EU to advocate the dignity of the person", both within the Union and in its relations with other countries.

The European Parliament has the "responsibility of keeping democracy alive for the peoples of Europe": democracies should not be allowed to "collapse under the pressure of multinational interests which are not universal ", said Pope Francis. He added that "The time has come to promote policies which create employment, but above all there is a need to restore dignity to labour by ensuring proper working conditions".

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament said “Your message of peace and dialogue, sincerity and responsibility for each other, of solidarity and togetherness make it very clear that together we need to find common solutions to our challenges. Because united we are stronger than alone. This is a truly European message. The idea of European integration is based exactly on this.”

Julie believes emphatically in this message, and said, "The common values we share inspire us to work together to make life better for everybody, and to lay down a solid foundation for those who will follow".  A message of social hope from a social politician in a social institution, today supported by a social pope.


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