Julie pledges to take action on extreme poverty


Labour's North West MEP Julie Ward signs the ONE Vote 2014 pledge to support the world’s poorest countries and help to eradicate extreme poverty.

Julie and more than half of all Members of the European Parliament have signed the ONE pledge, committing to spending this parliamentary term taking action to address and wipe out extreme poverty across the world.

Parties from across the political spectrum signed up to the ONE Vote 2014 pledge, indicating a wide range of support for the fight against extreme poverty from all sides of the European Parliament.

The campaign was led by 134 Youth Ambassadors from across Europe who led the charge to get MEPs signed up to the pledge following a petition signed by thousands of ONE members and supporters.

Speaking after signing the pledge, Julie said:

"The EU as a whole is the world's biggest provider of development aid to the world's poorest countries and we have already made significant steps in lifting millions out of poverty, but its clear that we still have much to do.

"I'm proud to sign this pledge and prouder still that every one of my Labour colleagues has also backed the ONE campaign, highlighting Labour's historic commitment to reduce extreme poverty and combat preventable diseases." 

Extreme poverty has been halved in the last 20 years, and could be virtually eliminated by 2030, but only if leaders rise to the challenge.

Tamira Gunzburg, Brussels Director of ONE, said:

"Getting half of the continent’s representatives to commit to take action on ending extreme poverty shows that the issue is widely viewed as something that Europe can – and must – do something about.

Now it’s up to the MEPs who signed the ONE Vote 2014 pledge to keep their word and ensure the EU remains a world leader in partnering with developing countries to help citizens everywhere lift themselves out of poverty."