Merry Christmas from Julie

When Julie's team told her they were planning to get a tree for the constituency office, ever the artist, Julie suggested commissioning someone to develop an installation which would reflect the values of the local community as well as the EU. Cue, a symbiosis of politics, business and art, as the space in Workington Town Hall became a workshop for artist, Garth Williams and his creative endeavours. 


Prior to the build of the installation a number of groups who share Workington Town Hall with Julie's North West team were approached and offered an opportunity to be part of the project.  With Garth developing the vision of the installation as being a community driven concept, created by him and members of the community, the work got underway. The base was created out of palettes which reflected trade within the EU, picture frames were used to create a structure which became narrower as it became taller to reflect the traditional Christmas Tree, and local people were invited to have their photos added to the tree in a concertina fashion, reflecting ownership of the installation as a community asset, which in turn reflects the fellowship of the EU.


The completed piece of art can now be viewed in the entrance to the building, on Oxford Street, in Workington. The details of Garth's installation can be found on his website at which also includes lots more photographs and a very interesting time lapse video showing the installation being created.