Brexit and beyond – State of Play

As the end of a momentous year approaches, many of us find ourselves rushing to the finish line feeling sick in our stomachs and anxious about the future. 2016 has been an exceptional roller-coaster of a year which has left us with many complex unanswered questions. The signs are that 2017 may prove to be equally challenging, and we must do our best to prepare for it.     Continue reading

High Court rules on Brexit - what did it say?

Following Gina Miller's case, the High Court decision on Brexit has shown that Theresa May’s plan for Brexit is at odds with the UK’s unwritten constitution. Although the Government plans to appeal the decision, and the Supreme Court will have the final say, the decision this week has already changed the rules for Brexit.     Continue reading

Resisting Brexit is democratic

British politics is experiencing an unprecedented upheaval, and it is important for progressives and socialists to come together and navigate a path through the fallout from June’s disastrous referendum result.   Continue reading

Why EU membership is important to the fight against austerity

The reason that Jeremy Corbyn has resonated so powerfully with young people today is that he has stood up and unequivocally spoken out against the economic policies that have let them down. These young people want social justice, and also voted to remain in the EU. The left of the Party must listen and put these two desires together.   Continue reading

Why the Left must stand up for Freedom of Movement

In the run-up to the referendum, the Leave campaign made contradictory pledges on what Brexit would mean: on the one hand, it promised to reduce and control immigration, espousing inflammatory xenophobic claims. On the other hand, it promised to keep Britain in the European single market. After the vote, Boris Johnson told the press that the UK would be able to achieve both, a claim that was quickly quashed by European leaders and a majority in the European Parliament. Theresa May keeps telling us that “Brexit means Brexit”, but it is embarrassingly obvious to all that the government themselves don’t know what Brexit means in practice.   Continue reading

The Outcome of the Referendum and What Next for Labour?

Our country and our party are going through difficult and turbulent times. I am deeply saddened by the result of the referendum, and the harmful impact it will have on young people, and on the most vulnerable in our society. Continue reading

NW MEPs letter to Faith Leaders on EU referendum

To North West faith leaders   European Union Referendum   We are the Labour Members of the European Parliament for the North West of England, elected in 2014. Since our election we have been busy representing our constituents in the European Parliament and meeting with people and organisations from across the region. We produce regular newsletters, email briefings and information about our work and would be more than happy to add you to the circulation if you would find this useful. In just a few weeks’ time voters will go to the polls and decide the future of Britain’s membership of the European Union. This is a huge moment for our country and the outcome will have wide-reaching implications for our region’s future prosperity and security.   Continue reading

Creative Leaders and Practitioners make their case for Europe

On Thursday, UK voters go to the polls to make the biggest political decision the country has faced for decades. The Creative Industries Federation surveyed their members and 96 per cent backed Remain for reasons ranging from freedom of movement of talent to ERDF and other EU funding and the desire to be at the table for crucial IP negotiations.  Click here for a summary of the case, in the words of members who took part in the poll and the EU referendum hustings the Federation held. Continue reading

The EU protects Children's rights

On June 23rd 2016 adults will decide on the future of the UK’s membership of the European Union. While proposals to extend the vote to 16 and 17 year olds was defeated in the House of Lords in December 2015, it reignited debate over the substance and scope of children’s democratic participation and their capacity to make informed political decisions. None of these discussions or, indeed, any of the wider debates surrounding the forthcoming referendum, have considered the impact that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU might have on children’s rights and lives. This is in spite of the fact that children make up one fifth of the EU population and nearly one quarter (approximately 15M) of the UK population and have the biggest stake in the outcome of the referendum. As current and future citizens, consumers, movers, workers, parents and carers, it is children who will bear the full brunt and, indeed, the benefits of any decision to either remain in or withdraw. Continue reading

The EU as a project of peace In Place of War

The EU is the largest and most successful peace project in human history. After thousands of years of bitter war and bloodshed in Europe, we have seen 70 years of real and meaningful peace, of openness and tolerance, and free inter-cultural exchange.   Continue reading