Labour MEPs stance on the Calais refugee camps

As the situation in refugee camps across the EU deteriorates in the winter months, Labour MEPs remain firmly in support of an organised and compassionate response to the refugee crisis.

The situation of refugee camps including Calais was also recently raised to the European Council President, Donald Tusk in our recent S&D political group meeting. It is essential that Member States including the UK government, increase efforts to meet basic humanitarian needs rather than letting conditions deteriorate within these camps.

With regards to action that the European Parliament is taking, the LIBE committee is preparing for a delegation of MEPs to visit the Calais camp and to speak with NGOs on the ground. Moreover, Labour MEP and Chair of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee Claude Moraes will be attending the informal Justice and Home Affairs Ministers Council later this month where he will express concerns of the lack of solidarity amongst Member States to meet the basic humanitarian needs within these camps.

Simply bulldozing a camp will not address the situation; it will merely increase the vulnerability and degrading treatment of people that are merely seeking international protection. Please be assured that Labour MEPs will continue working closely with civil society to put pressure on Member States to uphold human dignity and increase efforts to resolve the biggest refugee crisis in our continent since the Second World War.