Labour MEPs push for EU budget reform to deliver growth, jobs and innovation for the UK


Labour MEPs voted today against a number of measures which would have seen the overall EU budget increase. They voted to focus the EU budget more heavily upon investment for growth and jobs and against proposed rises for agricultural subsidies and administration.

North West MEP Julie Ward said:

"Labour MEPs want to see real budget reform in the EU. It is important that added value is placed at the centre of EU budget decision making, we want to see areas that do not bring real benefits to our constituents cut.

"EU investment in the North West - on transport, broadband connectivity, sustainable business growth and to fund innovation and research in our universities - is delivering for our communities and for the UK as a whole. Projects like the Aspiring Businesses in Cumbria scheme, run by Cumbria Growth Hub and Lancaster University and funded by the EU, which supports sustainable growth for small and medium sized businesses in Cumbria. More needs to be done to ensure we make the absolute most of the many opportunities EU membership brings us.

"David Cameron has no strategy to deliver an EU budget that benefits the UK, he is alienated and has failed to deliver reform or cut areas such as wasteful agricultural subisidies or parliament's monthly travelling circus to Strasbourg which costs EU taxpayers over £150 million every year."