Labour MEPs call on David Cameron to learn from Lord Hill's hearings


Labour's MEPs have urged David Cameron to learn the lessons of Lord Hill's difficult hearing process after being endorsed by the committee tonight.

Following yesterday's recall hearing, the commissioner-designate for financial stability, financial services and Capital Markets Union won 45-13 to be a commissioner in today's ECON vote, and 42-16 in the vote for that portfolio.

ECON committee member Anneliese Dodds MEP said:

"David Cameron has comprehensively alienated all his potential European allies. While it was right that Lord Hill was required to attend an additional hearing to answer further questions about his portfolio, his progress was made much harder by the UK government's confused approach to Europe."

North West MEP Julie Ward said:

"David Cameron and his party need to learn the lessons of Lord Hill's recall - you can't protect the country's interest by having an isolationist approach. The fact the Conservative Party is on the fringes of Europe, led by a man who has few allies, undoubtedly caused him problems.

"Labour MEPs saved Lord Hill from being rejected by MEPs. Now we expect him to demonstrate his independence from the British government. He needs to be a pragmatic voice in the debate on Europe and deliver the best outcome for the people of the UK."