Julie visits the Helena Thompson Museum


On August 4th Julie visited the Helena Thompson Museum to see the fantastic work that the volunteers do there. She met Pat Hall, Education Officer at the museum and Tony Wareing, Chairman of Workington Heritage Group, who spoke to her about the interactive centre at the museum showing the cultural, industrial and agricultural history of Workington. She also took a look at Workington Hall, the ancient seat of the Curwen Family whose motto 'Si je n'estoy' or 'If I had not been there' reflects their influence during the Battle of Falkirk.

Pat Hall spoke to Julie about the work of John Christian Curwen, an innovator of agricultural practices, and cousin of Fletcher Christian of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ fame, as well as being a model employer who provided his staff with generous pension and health benefits.


Tony Wareing explained to Julie the Bessemer process, and spoke of how steel made in Workington was used all around the world due to the unique skills of the local workforce.


Julie, who sits on the European Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee was thrilled to join the volunteers at the museum, particularly as her local office is based in Workington and her staff have local links with the museum and support its development.