Julie speaks out on the situation in Sudan

The European Parliament has adopted a human rights urgency resolution on the situation in Sudan. MEPs expressed deep concerns about gas attacks and other war crimes being reported.



During the debate on the resolution, Julie said:

"How sad it is to be standing here again talking about appalling atrocities being committed in Sudan. The use of gas, cluster bombs and rape as a weapon of war have no place in our world. These are crimes against our common humanity. I would like to pay tribute to all of the brave human rights defenders and activists, and civil society organisations and networks, who risk their lives on the ground in order to let the world know what is happening.

We want to stand here in solidarity with you and give you a voice. I am eternally grateful to the British organisation ‘Waging Peace’ with whom I am in regular contact. What we must do as MEPs is to make sure that no EU aid money is funnelled to actors committing these terrible crimes, and also that the EU does not compromise on human rights protections when doing deals on migration in the region, including the Khartoum Agreement. We continue to work to hold the Commission, the EEAS and the Council to account on this, day and night."