Julie speaks on West Bank Demolitions

Following concerns raised by MEPs and civil society, including Julie, the European Parliament debated the oonging wave of demolitions of Palestinian homes and EU aid material by Israeli authorities in the West bank.




MEPs asked the EU's Higher Representative for Foreign Affiars, Federica Mogherini to engage Israel to halt the demolitions, and to provide the EU with compensation for the damage caused to aid infrasturcture paid for by the European taxpayer. As the peace process has haltedit is important to stand up for human rights, and end to violence, and genuine people-to-people reconciliation, leading to grassroots initiatives for peace. 


Here is Julie's speech:

"In a few days’ time Israelis will mark their annual National Memorial Day for victims of the conflict and their 68th Independence Day, so it is a good time to reflect on the state of play. The Israeli Government has demolished hundreds of Palestinian homes, schools and clinics in recent months, leaving thousands of Palestinians homeless and under pressure to relocate. Israeli NGOs who report on human rights abuses oppose the occupation and advocate peace. They find themselves under pressure from the government and right-wing groups. In the meantime, the Israeli Government plans to expand settlements in strategic areas like E1 outside Jerusalem and E2 near Bethlehem, which will block off Palestinian communities and threaten the viability of the two-state solution, putting both Palestine and Israel at risk. So the EU must make clear that the two-state solution is a red line, demand a stop to these demolitions and request full compensation for the damage caused to EU infrastructures."