Julie speaks on situation in Bahrain

On February 16th the European Parliament adopted a reoslution on the human rights situation in Bahrain and Kuwait, condemning recent excutions, and warning Bahrain to refrain from any further death sentences. The reoslution also called for the release of dissidents and human rights defnders.



Julie said:

"I would like to express many thanks to all those who work to raise human rights issues in this House. This is not the first time that we have spoken about the situation in Bahrain, sadly, and our message must be clear. The death penalty is always wrong, and even more so when young men are tortured into confession and then executed. All of us here must be clear that Muhammad Ramadan and Hussein Moussa must not be executed, and that the death penalty must be abolished in Bahrain, as elsewhere, including Iran.

Upholding human rights and democracy makes a country stronger, not weaker. If Bahrain wants to present itself as a beacon of progress in the Middle East, then its Government must conduct itself accordingly. Instead of putting Nabeel Rajab through yet another hearing on 21 February, release him and all other political prisoners. All EU Member States, and especially the UK, must put human rights first and insist that these rights are upheld, instead of trading in arms."