Julie speaks on deterioration of democracy in Turkey

During the most recent European Parliament plenary, Julie spoke about Turkey's rapid slide towards authoritarianism.




Julie said:

"Madam President, I have been to Turkey four times since the coup last year and, each time, I have seen a deterioration of democracy and civil society, along with a growing culture of fear in cosmopolitan cities such as Istanbul and in the Kurdish communities of Diyarbakir and Nusaybin in the south. The last time I visited, just this past weekend, I spoke with representatives of civil society, artists, the media, opposition parties, trade unions, dismissed educators and public health workers, and minority groups, such as the Armenian community. All were absolutely unequivocal in their belief that the European path is the correct future for their beloved country. It is not the Turkish people with whom we have a disagreement. It is Erdogan and his bloated sense of self—importance and his gross appetite for power. Therefore, we must find a way to support grassroots organisations and particularly the youth who hope for a return to a better democracy."