Julie Questions Mogherini on West Bank Demolitions

Since the start of 2016, there has been a wave of demoliltions of Palestinian houses, and EU humanitarian aid structures by the Israeli military in the West Bank.  Julie and fellow MEPs have tabled a Question to the EU's High Representative on Foreign Affairs and the Council of Ministers asking what the EU response will be.




Following a series of reports and meetings with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs working on the ground, it became clear there was a need to highlight the issue. The Council of Ministers had met to discuss what action the EU could take, but there was no let up on the ground.

Julie tabled the Parliamentary question together with fellow concerned MEPs, and still awaits a response.

 "Since the start of structured dialogue between the EU and Israel in September 2015, the Israeli military has reportedly unlawfully demolished or seized 127 donor-funded humanitarian structures in Area C of the West Bank, 90% of which were EU funded, 105 affected since January 2016. This represents a dramatic increase from 2015, when a total of 110 donor-funded structures were destroyed. These include schools built to meet humanitarian needs.

In view of the failure of the ongoing dialogue to bring about an end to the destruction of EU-funded humanitarian infrastructure in Area C:

What operational steps will the EU take to react to demolitions and confiscations affecting humanitarian aid in Area C, as agreed in December 2014?

Does the EU and its Member States given the EU’s accountability to its taxpayers intend to:

1. Make publicly available the detailed costs of the destruction and confiscation of EU-funded projects in Area C, as well as the structures at imminent risk, on the basis of the tracking mechanisms already in place (as requested by the EP 2012 and again in 2015)?
2. Advance dialogue with Israel with regard to the restitution or compensation of these assets, and if so, how?"