Julie calling to empower women in the digital age

Yesterday in plenary, Julie called out to empower women and girls in technoogy sectors . The European Parliament voted on Girls in ICT Day to adopt a plan to empower women in the digital age. 




Here is what Julie said:

I would like to thank all the colleagues who have worked to produce such a strong report, and particularly the rapporteur, with whom I have a very good working relationship – thank you, Terry. Digital technology shapes every aspect of our lives and will continue to transform our society in profound ways. As we move ahead, gender inequalities are reflected in the digital world, but we must grasp the nettle and use the opportunity these transformations provide to eliminate inequalities. There is an urgent need to act to involve more women and girls in the IT sector and to close the gender gap in digital industries. We often talk about women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), but I would like to emphasise the need for us to build bridges between the arts and the STEM sectors, turning STEM into steam. We need more creative, artistic young people to come into STEM fields. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring more women and girls into the IT industries, and I hope the Commission and the Member States take note of that vital synergy.