Why EU membership is important to the fight against austerity

The reason that Jeremy Corbyn has resonated so powerfully with young people today is that he has stood up and unequivocally spoken out against the economic policies that have let them down. These young people want social justice, and also voted to remain in the EU. The left of the Party must listen and put these two desires together.   Continue reading

Why the Left must stand up for Freedom of Movement

In the run-up to the referendum, the Leave campaign made contradictory pledges on what Brexit would mean: on the one hand, it promised to reduce and control immigration, espousing inflammatory xenophobic claims. On the other hand, it promised to keep Britain in the European single market. After the vote, Boris Johnson told the press that the UK would be able to achieve both, a claim that was quickly quashed by European leaders and a majority in the European Parliament. Theresa May keeps telling us that “Brexit means Brexit”, but it is embarrassingly obvious to all that the government themselves don’t know what Brexit means in practice.       Continue reading

The Guardian: We need a public education project about what it means to be European

An article which appeared in The Guardian as part of their Women in Leadership series on 6th May 2016. Continue reading

Beyond Visions: A policy on culture in Europe

EFA and the European House for Culture published the sixth publication in the EFA book series, Beyond Visions: A policy on culture in Europe. This new book features essays from leading lawmakers from the European Institutions on the future of cultural policy in Europe. Together with eight fellow Members of the European Parliament and the Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Julie was invited to contribute to this volume. Julie shared their personal visions for the role culture can play in European policy development and decision making. Find the publication including Julie's contribution, entitled "Culture is the battlefield of European politics", here    

What is the meaning of the global events unfolding before our eyes?

An article on the meaning of current global events for European Expression, a quarterly review on European affairs, which aims to strengthen civil society and participatory democracy. Continue reading

How Migration Inspires Music

An article for the European Music Council's annual magazine - Sounds in Europe - which introduces readers to the latest trends, policy developments and best practices from within the European music sector. This edition concentrates on Europe's cultural identity, which is found in its rich and diverse cultural heritage, and looks at the impact of migration on musical engagement and activities. Have musical activities, projects and engagement been influenced as a consequence of encountering musical practices from other cultural traditions? What projects are being carried out instrumentalising music as a tool for the inclusion of migrants and their musical traditions in European societies? Are there political implications affecting the music sector? Continue reading

Safer Internet Day

Click here to read my contribution to a collective piece on 'Online safety: educating parents as much as children' published in the Parliament Magazine on February 8th as part as a special dossier on Safer Internet Day.