Julie speak on the situation of sexual violence survivors in Kosovo

In April Julie was part of a Parliamentary delegation to Kosovo, where she met with MPs, official, NGO and grassroot activists. Julie also met with women survivors of sexual violence during the war there.    Continue reading

International Women's Day 2017

This year we must use International Women’s Day to demonstrate our resolve and resistance. With a misogynist anti-woman administration in the White House, and a conservative far-right anti-gender movement sweeping Europe, we can no longer take for granted the rights that feminist activists have fought to achieve over so many years.   Continue reading

Gender Equality in Mental Health and Why it's Important

This article was published in the European Parliament Magazine There are few concepts that are so poorly understood in Western culture as mental health and well-being. Our societies have been excellent at improving our physical health and extending our life expectancy, but mental health has always been subjected to stigma and prejudice. Historically, this has especially applied to women. Eccentric women were labelled as witches and burnt. A woman’s alleged “emotional instability” was attributed to the uterus travelling around the body, and this is where the word “hysteria” comes from.     Continue reading

Feminist State of the Union

As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivered the annual State of the Union speech to the European Parliament, a group of 52 young feminists from across Europe has put together a feminist State of the Union.   Continue reading

The European Parliament sets out a new progressive agenda for work-life balance across Europe

The European Parliament has adopted a new strategy on work-life balance, highlighting the need for a push for gender equality in the workforce and in the workplace.   Continue reading

EU advancing women's rights - International Women's Day 2016

International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to reflect on where we are in our fight for gender equality in the UK, in Europe and around the world. For those of us facing the UK referendum on EU membership this June, it is also extremely important to reflect on how much the EU has done, and continues to do, to promote women’s rights and gender equality.   Continue reading

Action for Women's Rights and Against Gender Violence

The last few months of 2014 have seen some important and moving activity on women's rights, and the fight to eliminate violence against women in Europe and world-wide. The international campaign, 16 Days of Action Against Gender Violence which began on November 26th, and lasted until December 10th, gave us momentum for an intense burst of activity. In a formal capacity I am a substitute on the European Parliament's Women's Rights & Gender Equality (FEMM) Committee, but I undertake my work on the portfolio as a full-time commitment, and do not miss an opportunity to champion the cause of gender equality. Continue reading