European Film in Digital Era

Labour MEPs call for support of the European film industry

European cinema sits at the heart of the cultural development of the EU and touches directly upon the identity of European citizens. The EU must support the film industry in order to face the challenges of the digital revolution. That is the message Labour MEPs sent out by adopting the European Parliament report on 'European film in the digital era' on 28 April 2015. 

photo_with_Sam_west.jpgJulie Ward MEP, Labour’s European spokesperson on culture, said:

"The digital revolution brings both challenges and opportunities to the film industry. To make full use of its economic and cultural potential, the film industry needs to thrive in the right environment, spurred on by a stable and adaptable legal framework which encourages investment and diversity, and allows new services to develop online. I welcome the adoption of this key report which I believe sets up a good foundation to promote cultural diversity and competitiveness across Europe”.

Together with their Socialist & Democrat colleagues, Labour MEPs called for an evaluation of European and national film funding systems, focussing on efficiency, quality and range. They also reaffirmed the importance of media and film literacy skills in developing critical thinking at all levels of education and training as well as stimulating creativity and innovation. The report recommends continued support for festivals, touring cinemas and on-demand service providers.

As Julie Ward MEP pointed out, "Europe's film industry is diverse, creative and globally inspirational. It has an enormous potential to build on an existing rich film heritage. It is therefore essential to support the industry so it can adapt to the digital era and use its potential to reach new and wider audiences.”