Ed to put Heart into Art to put Art at the Heart

Julie is extremely pleased that Ed Miliband has pledged to put Arts at the heart of the next Labour Government.

Last night Ed Miliband set out a programme to:

  • Strengthen creative education in schools and after-school clubs;
  • Widen access to our country’s arts and cultural institutions;
  • Build an economy where young people can succeed with better career pathways from school, college and university into the arts or creative industries; and
  • Put arts policy at the heart of government and help rebalance provision for young people across the country.

Ed said If you believe in social justice, if you believe in a more equal society, then access to the arts and culture is not an optional extra, it is essential - not simply because of the worlds it opens up, but because of the wider impact it has...Because I believe, and I know so many of you do too, that Britain will be a prouder, richer, stronger country when we give everybody the opportunity to develop their creativity, expand their horizons, enhance their talents and make a life for themselves in the arts and culture: old and young, rich and poor, north and south.

Sentiments that are shared by Julie...

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