Digital Champions 2016: Empowering young people with disabilities online

illustration by Elsa Brown


Julie is currently taking part in an EU delegation to the annual Internet governance Forum (IGF) in Mexico.

As part of the event, she is hosting a session on Youth IGF where she met young digital champions.

Digital Champions are powerful thinkers, creators, and innovators who are transforming their environment and communities for the better. As individuals or teams, they are addressing difficult questions such as gender, rights, participation and civic engagement, discrimination and poverty.

As a socialist member, Julie thinks that the future of the internet must be transparent, accessible and fair. In a more and more connected world, the internet must also be a tool of active citizenship.

Bridging the digital divide implies to look at how to improve the digital empowerment of vulnerable people as well as young people who are, after all, the future.

Learn more about this amazing initiative here.


 Illustration by Elsa Brown