Children's Rights

Julie is a children's right champion!


Before being elected as an MEP, Julie was an activist and campaigner on equal rights and social justice, particularly in the field of children's rights and wellbeing, as well as children's participation in social, cultural and civic life. She has a particular focus on disadvantaged groups, children with disabilities and children suffering from multiple forms of discrimination.

She is now using her position as an MEP to provide children and young people with a voice in decision making. She does this by co-operating with major international and European networks promoting children's rights such as UNICEF, Eurochild, Alliance for Childhood, Save the children, Picum and local grassroots organisations.

During her campaign she signed the Children's Rights Manifesto, written by a coalition of 14 International and European children's rights organisations, and became an EU "children's right champion"!

Co-founder of the parliamentary intergroup on children's rights 

An intergroup is an informal group of MEPs from different political group, delegation and committees sharing a common concern to raise the status of children's rights in parliamentary work. From the beginning of her mandate in July 2014, Julie worked very hard to ensure the establishment of this intergroup and continues to be a very active member.

The creation of this intergroup was the result of advocacy efforts of several major children's rights networks who called for the establishment of a permanent mechanism with explicit responsibility for protecting and promoting children’s rights across all policy sectors in internal and external affairs. The intergroup brings more visibility to children’s rights and plays a key role in mainstreaming the rights of the child across the work of the Parliament.

On 30 April, the intergroup adopted a political statement entitled "Time to act and deliver on the EU’s Child Rights commitments", reflecting its demands and commitments for this mandate. Read the statement here:

The main objectives of the intergroup are to:

- Protect and promote children's rights across all policy sectors

- Ensure EU funds in the best interests of children

- Raise awareness of children's rights and how EU policy, legislation and funds affect the lives of children in Europe and globally

- Engage children in decision-making, monitoring and evaluation through their involvement with MEPs constituency and in EU debates

Cross cutting issues: disability, arts and culture, development, etc.

As a MEP and champion of children's rights in the European Parliament, Julie is ensuring that the perspective of children is included in all relevant pieces of legislation she deals with. In 2015, she has submitted amendments promoting children's rights to strengthen reports on issues such as education of girls, entrepreneurship of young people through training and education, EU policy on development & external relations, regional development, the situation of fundamental rights in the EU and the neighbouring policy of the EU.

As a formal member of the parliamentary committees on Culture and Education (CULT), Regional Development (REGI) and Gender Equality & Women's Rights (FEMM) she will make sure that the voices of children and young people are heard in relation to the work of these committees.

Julie is also an active member of the parliamentary intergroups on Disability and Anti-Poverty, where she also ensures that specific needs of children are taken into account.