Amnesty's Write for Rights campaign

Sadly, we are seeing democracy and human rights under attack around the world. In Europe and the United States nationalist and xenophobic groups call the progressive commitment to our fundamental values into question, whilst authoritarian governments around the world see their rhetoric as an opportunity to do as they please in order to suppress opposition and freedom of expression.





One of our highest civic responsibilities as citizens lucky enough to live in a democracy that upholds human rights, apart from fighting to protect what we have, is to show solidarity and support those whose human rights are being grossly violated.

I would urge you to participate in Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign to show your support to those around the world who are imprisoned for expressing their beliefs. The campaign letters are intended to pressure governments to release these political prisoners. They also reach out to the prisoners directly, so that they may have a glimmer of hope from the outside world.

Click here to get involved, and take a look at the rest of the human rights section of my website to see what I have been doing on this.